21 ON NET Words & Phrases

TOEIC 連語-2・350語 R.Memorer・159-160   ◆英・159   ◆日・159     ○英・160   ○日・160   ★Exel  ★Exel・順

 take the minutes  ×
 metal detector    
 cut out for, be  ×
 in pursuit of 〜  
 terms and conditions  ×
 restrain from 〜  
 personal belongings    belonging
 go in for 〜  ×
 in an attempt to ―  
 once in a lifetime  

 per capita  
 flat rate    
 billing  bill
 billing date  ×
 banquet room  banquet
 run errands  errand
 get physical  physical
 eligible to do, be  
 set forth  forth
 come in for  ×

 extension number  extension
 dwell on 〜  
 interest rate  ×
 human resources    resource
 side effect  effect
 beyond expectation    
 under consideration  
 help oneself  ×
 exert pressure on 〜    
 maternity leave  

 bottom line  
 live up to 〜  ×
 balance sheet  
 in a vacuum  
 all but  ×
 subscribe to 〜  
 in lieu of 〜  
 small business  ×
 place emphasis on 〜  
 intended for 〜, be  intend