21 ON NET Words & Phrases

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 cultural exchange    
 alternative energy    
 overhead cost    
 overhead costs  ×
 school lunch  ×
 school lunch program  ×
 building permit  
 income statement    
 nouvelle cuisine  
 compensation package    

 on behalf of 〜  
 impose on 〜  
 let go of 〜  ×
 around the clock  ×
 poised to ―  poise
 anything and everything  ×
 cutting edge  
 conscious of, be  
 amazed at, be  amaze
 weigh down  

 substitute for 〜  
 frequent flier miles  mile
 a variety of 〜  
 break even    
 keep track of 〜  track
 exempt from  
 take on 〜  ×
 exchange 〜 with …  
 shipping and handling  ×
 parking lot  ×

 inform of 〜  
 joint venture    
 live on  ×
 tax break    
 make a difference  
 remember doing 〜  
 cash flow statement  statement
 make sure  ×
 food processing  process
 collaborate on 〜