21 ON NET Words & Phrases

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 frequent flier program  frequent   flier
 turn out  ×
 embark on 〜  
 academic background    
 generous with one's money, be  generous
 managing director  manage   director
 quest speaker  quest
 book a room at Hotel ABC  ×
 to carry on with  ×
 gather one's courage    

 gather one's brows  brow
 gather one's composure  
 gather one's energies  energy
 benefits package  benefit   package
 minimum wage    
 rough draft    
 advance one's career    
 eligible for (a pension), be  eligible
 bank transfer  
 unemployment rate    

 with a view to 〜ing  view
 financial statement    
 to a great extent  extent
 interact with 〜  
 consist in 〜  
 direct deposit      
 one's immediate supervisor    
 affiliated company  affiliate
 comply with 〜  
 finance director    

 typical of 〜, be  
 for personal reasons    reason
 local government    
 sales department  department
 set aside  aside
 reconcile with 〜  
 for internal use    
 for internal consumption only, be  
 sales figures  figure
 fiscal year  fiscal