21 ON NET Words & Phrases

TOEIC 連語-2・350語 R.Memorer・153-154   ◆英・153   ◆日・153     ○英・154   ○日・154   ★Exel  ★Exel・順

 come to terms with 〜  term
 take by storm  storm
 at short notice  notice
 exempt from 〜, be  
 cut a fine figure  figure
 hostile takeover    
 have a reputation as 〜  reputation
 in token of 〜  token
 mutual fund    
 make do  ×

 put up with 〜  ×
 by mistake  mistake
 by means of 〜  means
 for a change  change
 in place of 〜  ×
 distinguish ~ from 〜  distinguish
 by chance  chance
 similar to 〜, be  similar
 mission statement    
 temporary worker    

 in the case of 〜  case
 on duty  duty
 liberal arts  liberal
 find a middle ground  ×
 track record    
 matter of great urgency  urgency
 capitalize on 〜  
 alternate route    
 banner year  banner
 M&A ・ merger and acquisition    

 time after time  ×
 conform to 〜  
 on budget  budget
 on the payroll, be  payroll
 R&D ・ research and development    
 at a cost of 〜  cost
 intellectual property    
 corporate culture    
 image sharpness  image
 catch a glimpse of 〜  glimpse