21 ON NET Words & Phrases

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 take a risk  risk
 point at 〜  point
 with ease  ease
 see to 〜  ×
 at half price  half  price
 trash can  trash
 forced to -, be  force
 apply oneself to 〜  apply  oneself
 send for 〜  
 familiar to 〜, be  

 familiar with 〜, be  ×
 related to 〜, be  relate
 make the best of 〜  ×
 in cooperation with 〜  cooperation
 check on  
 worthy to -, be  
 tired from 〜, be  
 at least  
 at a cost of 〜  cost
 pull up  ×

at any rate  rate
compete with 〜  
electrical appliance   
electrical wiring  wiring
share with 〜  
awards ceremony  award  ceremony
keep up with 〜  ×
plastic bottle   
personal check  personal
among other things  among

call it a day  ×
turn down  ×
worth doing, be  worth
dining out  dining
cellular phone   
farm produce  produce (n)
on a basis  basis
list price  ×
end up in 〜  ×
fired from one's job, be  fire