21 ON NET Words & Phrases

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 get a raise  raise
 get a refund  refund
 put forth  forth
 general hospital  general
 in the midst of 〜  midst
 keep informed of 〜  informed
 kneel down  kneel
 make it  ×
 on hand  ×
 write up  ×

 fitting room  fit  fittingly
 personnel department   
 storage space   
 take off  ×
 sick leave  leave
 persuade into 〜  persuade
 lay aside   
 short of 〜, be  ×
 fall through  through
 reception desk  reception

expiration date  expiration
best bet  bet
checking account  account
calm down  calm
over time  ×
under control  control
take turns  ×
work force  force
replace 〜 with …  replace
keen to -, be  keen

pass out  ×
ask a favor of 〜  favor
on the average  average
sales target  target
out of control  ×
take advantage of 〜  advantage
public health   
by courtesy of 〜  courtesy
cash award   
want ad  ×