Trip to Salt Lake

Salt Lake City

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The U.S. has many unique cities. One of them is Salt Lake City. It is a very nice place that sits between gorgeous mountains and a large lake.

Last week Tanis and I went to Salt Lake City. It was a great time. Listen below to us talking about our trip!


Tanis: Did you have a good time in Salt Lake last week John?
John: Yeah, isn't that a beautiful city?
Tanis: It was gorgeous. I couldn't believe the scenery.
John: The mountains are amazing, right there at the edge of the town.
Tanis: Exactly, and the colors are so vivid. That blue sky against the white peaks, and the hot sun. I loved it.
John: The people are really nice too.
Tanis: Yeah, there were some really nice people in the town. I thought maybe it was the, um, LDS influence.
John: You mean the high Mormon population there?
Tanis: Exactly, yeah.
John: I think it also helped the city that the Olympics were just there. You could tell there was still some energy left over from everything.
Tanis: Yeah, it was great. I could feel that too.
John: It's probably one of the more unique places in the whole country.
Tanis: I agree. Yeah, I think it would've been fun to take a little bit more time and see the sites and the... some of the national parks in the area, but just didn't have enough time.


What do you think about Salt Lake City? Would you like to visit it sometime? We recommend it.

The mountains and the lake are famous parts of Salt Lake City. The other famous part is the high number of Mormons. Many years ago, a group of Mormons chose that area for their town. Since then, it has grown into a city of almost 200,000.

And of course, the Olympics were just held there this year. I was lucky enough to be there for that too.

What are your favorite U.S. cities to visit? Come share at the Life Goes On message board!

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What is Salt Lake City between?

another city and a lake
mountains and the ocean
mountains and a lake

What are two things John and Tanis liked about Salt Lake City?

the people and the scenery
the shopping malls
the spacious roads

What kind of people did John and Tanis mention?


About how many people live in Salt Lake City?


What are Mormons?

store owners
a religious group