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It's fun to rent a DVD movie. DVD movies allow you to skip ahead to your favorite parts of the movie. You can also watch special behind-the-scenes footage that wasn't in the original movie.


Nedra: Hey Bret, have you seen any good movies lately?
Bret: Uh, actually I rented K-Pax the other day.
Nedra: Oh yeah? Is that with, uh, Kevin Spacey?
Bret: Yeah, Kevin Spacey plays um, an, I guess you'd say an inmate of a mental hospital who claims to be from another planet called K-Pax.
Nedra: Yeah, my mom was telling me about that movie, uh, she said it was really good. What did you think of it?
Bret: I thought it was good too. There were a lot of twists and turns that kind of kept you guessing throughout the movie.
Nedra: Well without giving too much away, what is the, you know, what's the story? Is he really an alien or...
Bret: Yeah, I mean that's really the question, is, is he really an alien or is he just someone who's mentally ill?
Nedra: What was your favorite part of the whole movie?
Bret: Uh, actually, what was really interesting was, um, there's actually two endings to the movie when you rent it on DVD, and so you can watch, uh, you know, the ending that comes with the movie, then there's also the alternate ending, and uh, I actually liked the alternate ending better. I thought it should have been the, the true ending of the movie.
Nedra: I guess that's what's good about DVD.


K-Pax is one of many stories that makes you wonder if aliens really exist. Humans in general are fascinated with the idea of aliens. There are many movies, T.V. shows, and books about aliens. One of my favorite alien stories is the X-Files. I love watching the main conspiracy story involving Dana Scully and Fox Mulder. It's amazing how the story has developed over many episodes. I can't wait to watch the final episodes this season!

What's your favorite alien story? Come talk about it on the Movie Madness message board.

Have an awesome week!



What's one of the reasons that Nedra likes DVD movies?

they are clearer
you can skip ahead
they are cheap

What character does Kevin Spacey play in K-Pax?

a murderer
an inmate
a businessman

Which ending did Nedra like best?

the real ending
the alternative ending
she didn't watch the ending

What alien conspiracy show does Nedra really enjoy?

Star Trek
the X-Files