Migs' Voicemail

Migs on his Phone

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Hi friends!

I'm sure you all use the phone a lot. I know I do. I'm often on the phone at work, at home and at lots of places in between.

A major part of using the phone is leaving and receiving voice mail messages. I know it can be difficult to know what to say when you're leaving a message, so I'm going to try to help.

Migs was nice enough to give us some messages left for him this week. Read on to learn from them!


All of these voice mail messages were left for Migs. They are good examples of the kind of messages he gets at work.

Message One:

Migs, what's up? This is John Friess. It's, uh, Thursday, um, we got Starve Ups tonight. Just wanted to see if you guys we're gonna be able to attend. Um, let me know if you're a yea or nay if you could.

It should be a sweet night tonight talking about sales. Try bringing some of your teammates like Tanis and stuff who are involved in sales. They might be able to pitch in on the conversation. We want a nice turn-out for these panelists.

Anyway, love you guys, miss you, bye.

Message Two:

Hi Miguel, this is Tina with Monster.com. Just trying to catch you in the office again, um, and wanted to see if you were interested in doing a free day demo of our site. I understand you have, um, several IT, um, positions open on your website and wanted to see if I was able to, um, uh, help you, um, and see if, um, Monster.com might be a resource that you might be interested in using for your, uh, future recruiting needs.

You can reach me at 800-MONSTER. Thanks so much for your time and I look forward to hearing back from you.

Message Three:

Hey Miguel, it's Al Hooton. Uh, I hope things are going well. Hey, um, I am looking forward here, it looks like we've got a tentative set up for Thursday, uh, two o'clock for that tech meeting. Uh, I'd like to know if that's gonna happen or not. Um, it's fine if it does, but I've got another thing I'm trying to fit into my calendar now, uh, later in the week, and uh just want to know if we're gonna do that meeting or not.

Uh, give me a call back if you could. Thanks Miguel.


I'm going to comment on each message individually.

Message One:

John Friess is Migs' friend and business partner. You can tell from his goodbye that he has a different relationship with Migs than the other callers. Although he is talking about business in the message, he ends it in a friendly way.

Message Two:

Tina doesn't know Migs. She wants him to use her company's service, and you can tell that she's a little bit nervous. Although she probably makes a lot of calls to a lot of people, she doesn't sound very professional.

Message Three:

Al Hooton is another business partner. He is concerned about a meeting and is checking in with Migs to make sure it's going to happen. Although Al speaks slowly, you can tell that he is relaxed and confident, which is always a good way to be when you're on the phone.

Do you have any questions about voice mail? Any stories about funny messages you received? Come to the Life Goes On message board and let us know!

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What did John Friess call about?

the Starve Ups meeting
the Star Wars movie
the Makeup concert

In the first message, who should Migs bring with him?

a friend
his teammates
his family

What company is calling in the second message?


In the last message, when is the tentative tech meeting set for?

Tuesday at two o'clock
Thursday at four o'clock
Thursday at two o'clock