Ghost World

Thora Birch, Steve Bushimi, and Teri Garr

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Being a teenage girl in suburbia can be a frustrating experience. The movie Ghost World explores how two recent high school graduates deal with entering the adult world.


Miguel: Didn't you, uh, see Ghost World a few days ago?
Nedra: Yeah, I rented it the other night.
Miguel: What did you think?
Nedra: Well, it was good, but it was pretty depressing.
Miguel: Depressing? Why?
Nedra: Because those girls...I don't know, they're like depressed teenagers and they're always running around moping about... I don't know they just weren't very happy.
Miguel: So, what's the basic story. They're high school girls or something?
Nedra: Well they just graduated and, I don't know they have a really bad outlook on life I think, and they just aren't very positive people at all.
Miguel: So, they're just trying to figure out where to go next, like what to do with their lives.
Nedra: Yeah, one girl has some direction, but the other one, she's just a spoiled brat.
Miguel: So what happens? What do they do?
Nedra: I don't know. It's kind of a humdrum movie. Things happen, but yet they don't, and in the end, it just kind of ends. It just doesn't really give you much closure I think.
Miguel: Who's in that movie?
Nedra: Oh, Steve Bushimi's in it. He's pretty good, and that other actress she was, her name is Thora Birch and she was in American Beauty.
Miguel: So, I'm confused about what you're telling me. Do I want to see this movie or not?
Nedra: Um, see it if you're in a good mood because it will bring you down a little bit.


I felt Ghost World was a great movie because it gave examples of real people and honest situations. It wasn't a normal Hollywood movie with huge teen stars or a big budget. Rather, it had a good story and a well written script.

Ghost World shows that the world isn't just black and white. The characters don't know what they want to do with their lives, and they're not following the ordinary path, but they're trying to do what's right for themselves.

Have you seen Ghost World? Which character was your favorite? Drop me a line in the Movie Madness message board and tell me about it.

Have a great week!



Ghost World is about two graduates...

at their first real jobs.
entering the adult world.
and their new boyfriends.

Nedra thought Ghost World was...


Who is in Ghost World?

Thora Birch and Steve Windwood
Thora Birch and Steve Bushimi
Thora Birch and Steve Wright

Should Miguel see the movie?

if he's in a good mood
if he likes thrillers
if he brings a date

BONUS QUESTION - What is Ghost World based on?

an old TV show
a comic book
a famous person's life