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Hi friends!

Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the U.S.. Millions of people love to play the game because it's so easy to play - all you need is a ball and a basket. It can be fun to play by yourself, with one other person (one-on-one), or with several others.

Josh and Migs both play basketball regularly. They recently discussed the game. Listen in to their conversation and learn lots of basketball related slang!


Migs: So Josh, how was hoops last night?
Josh: It was good. It's always good. Uh, I always have a fun time, but I always end up getting beat up, uh, it seems like...
Migs: Beat up by other players?
Josh: Well, not on purpose, but, like, I have a big bruise on my thigh this week and last week I pulled a muscle in my neck.
Migs: Ouch! I heard, John was saying you're on fire, are you still lighting it up?
Josh: I wasn't as hot this week as I was last week, but I played well. I had a good time.
Migs: How about your new shoes? Did they improve your game?
Josh: Oh, for sure. I got the fly new shoes and they're, the color, they're called is wheat.
Migs: Wheat clolored basketball shoes?
Josh: Yeah, they blend in with the floor so you can't even see my feet move.
Migs: Got you! They're, like, camouflage?
Josh: Yeah.
Migs: All right, I'll have to check them out some time.
Josh: All right.


It sounds like Josh had a lot of fun. He thinks his new shoes have really improved his game. I'm not so sure shoes can make that big a difference, but if he believes it, more power to him!

I don't play basketball, but I'm a big fan. I love to watch basketball on TV. Both the NBA and college basketball are really exciting.

Hoop it up and have a great week!



Which of the following injuries did Josh get?

a cut on his head
a bruise on his thigh
a broken arm

Who told Migs that Josh has been playing well?


What color are Josh's new shoes?


Why does Josh like his new shoes?

they help him run faster
they're like camouflage
they were cheap