Christmas Eve

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Hello Friends!

This week John and Anna talk about Christmas Eve traditions with their families. Anna has an unusual tradition in her family. Listen as she confesses to John what was normal with her siblings. Although Anna's idea sounds like fun, I think I'll stick with John's family plan.


Anna: Christmas Eve is coming John. You're doing anything special with your family?
John: You know, just the normal thing. Having a nice dinner and drinking some eggnog around the Christmas tree.
Anna: The normal thing in our family wasn't always normal.
John: Oh yeah, what'd your guys do?
Anna: It was a family tradition for the entire family to sleep under the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve night so we would all round up our sleeping bags and our pillows and camp out as a family under the tree.
John: What'd you do with all the presents that are supposed to be under the tree, or was it another tradition to not have presents in your family?
Anna: No, we had more presents than we knew what to do with. In fact, we used to make forts with the presents and tunnels and things and you would sleep in the, your own present tunnel or fort with your sleeping bag and then we would always get one gift before we went to bed on Christmas Eve.
John: Well that sounds like a lot of fun, I'm going to try to institute that with my family in the future.
Anna: We haven't done it for a few years, we got a little bigger. Good luck!


sibling   stick with 〜   eggnog   round up   camp out        ★ words & expression


Can you imagine what fun it must have been to sleep surrounded by all the gifts you knew you were going to open the next day! I wonder if any of the presents ever fell on Anna or her family.

I remember one year we made a pyramid at my house with all the gifts. It was a lot of fun until my Mom found out and we all got in trouble. Fortunately nothing was broken or we would have been in real hot water!

What about you? Does you family have any holiday traditions that differ from your friends and neighbors? I think it is fun to discover that we all do the same things differently.

Have a great week!



What does John and his family do during Christmas?

go to church
drink eggnog around the Christmas tree
sleep under the Christmas tree

What did Anna and her family used to do during Christmas?

go to church
drink eggnog around the Christmas tree
sleep under the Christmas tree

Why did Anna and her family stop their tradition?

they didn't like it
they got too big
they kept breaking their Christmas presents

What did Tanis once do with her presents as a child?

built a pyramid
made a fort to sleep in
used them to climb to the ceiling